MoMA display screens
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MoMA display screens
9-channel video system: nine 30" HD monitors, 10 computers, real-time image generation, algorithmic control

A real-time algorithmic video installation that is permanently in the lobby of the newly re-opened Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The content is generated live. Images and actions appear across multiple screens. If you watch the screens indefinetly, you will never see exactly the same thing twice.

The system algorithmically selects from a catalog of still images, then selects from a repertoire of action sequences to apply to these images. Actions occur on anywhere from one to nine screens. Multiple actions occur simultaneously across the image field.

The museum regularly provides the system with new still images of temporary shows and the permanent collection, as well as new text information generated as needed, so the content displayed is always new.

MoMA display screens is a project of MoMA, Imaginary Forces, slinc, and Kurt Ralske. I designed the system architecture, co-designed the image sequences, and was solely responsible for implementing the image processing code.
Copyright 1996-2005 Kurt Ralske