"Alphaville" (from Motion-Extraction-Reanimation Series)
installation view   

4-D mapping
sound and image

"Alphaville" (from Motion-Extraction-Reanimation Series) (excerpt)
Single-channel HD video

In the Motion-Extraction-Reanimation Series, raw material is taken from various commercial movies and reprocessed. The motion that occurs within the film is isolated, then reprocessed and animated. The motion is seen as an object, or a surface. Multiple views of the surface and its state are presented simultaneously.

Shown here is a scene from Jean-Luc Godard's "Alphaville" (1965). The motions of the actors -- raising a coffee cup to the lips, hand gestures during conversation -- are revealed as surfaces, volumes, with organic and architectural qualities.

This series has a dual function: it researches Time and the associated problem of Motion and Rest, and also reveals something about movies as cultural artifacts. The durational quality of the cinematic experience is seen in a different light.
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