Morton Feldman's "Triadic Memories"
installation view   

4-D mapping
sound and image

Morton Feldman's "Triadic Memories"
2-channel video (projected 30 ft wide), live piano

American composer Morton Feldman (1926-1987) described how his music was influenced by certain antique Turkish carpets. The carpets have patterns that repeat, but with irregularlity, in an imprecise, handmade manner. This type of imprecise repetition is heard in Feldman's music.
Feldman's "Triadic Memories", a 75 minute work for solo piano, is performed live by pianist Michael Century. A 2-channel video of time-manipulated images derived from Turkish carpets is projected during the performance, highlighting imprecise parallels between sound and image.
Copyright 1996-2005 Kurt Ralske