Motion Extractions (2007 - 2009)
Stasis Extractions (2007 - 2009)
Archival pigment prints (ongoing series of 200+)
44" x 44"

Each image is a record of the entirety of a movie.
All of the motion that occurs within the film is represented.
Or, all that was motionless is represented.

The cinematic experience is presented as something without duration, narrative, or signification. What remains is only the workings of motion and rest.

MotionExtraction: Russian Ark  

MotionEx: Alphaville (1965) 

MotionEx: Barbarella (1968) 

MotionEx: Joan of Arc (1927) 

MotionEx: Solaris (1972) 

MotionEx: Superfly (1972) 

MotionEx: Tokyo Story (1953) 

SVA Gallery, NYC, August 2008 

Museo Fortuny, Venice Biennale 2009 

StasisExtraction: Barbarella 

StasisExtraction: Citizen Kane 

StasisExtraction: The Seventh Seal 

StasisExtraction: Student of Prague 

StasisExtraction: Death in Venice